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Nurtury Boston
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Custom solutions for your business

No two clients are the same

You are the expert on your business.  You know it better than anyone else.  When you bring me on, we form a unique partnership, building on our collective strength.  Sometimes solving problems require a new perspective from someone who's been there with other businesses.  Often times good ideas can be made into great marketing programs when I make sure you have a strategy that works.  And becasue no two businesses are the same, neither is the way I work with you.  

Custom Consultations

Businesses comes in all shapes and sizes.  It's not a one size fits all world.  Starting with our first introduction, the conversation will narrow the scope of work down to just that where you'll get the most benefit.


And once you have a proposal with my recommendations, we'll continue to reach agreement on how to take your marketing to the next level.  

Don’t think any of the client work here quite represents your business? I’d love to talk to you about my experiences that are similar to your interests, and how I might be able to help your company.  

Client mix: a cross-section of industries

I'm proud that my clients refelct a variety of industries.  It means that although what they do is diverse, how they do it has the same basic principles standing behind their marketing.  And besides, it keeps things interesting, always challenging my creativity while buidling on my strength of knowledge.

Danita Jo is a consummate and passionate marketer, thorough professional, an excellent listener, and always seeking the common ground with her clients. Having worked with her for four years, I value her ability to balance being both a consultant and a collaborative member of my Advancement team. She can be relied upon to lead multi-functional projects diligently and deeply understands the relationship between fundraising and marketing.

Jaye Y. Smith, VP Development, Marketing &PR

Nurtury (Boston, MA)

Serving on our leadership team, Danita Jo stepped into our organization as our Chief Marketing Officer, translating the complexities of modern behavioral healthcare into clear client messaging  and branding.  She formed business development strategies for our expansion, with sustainability in mind. Danita Jo played a key role in both the day to day operations of our internal marketing and business development staff, while extending our team bringing external resources we could not have otherwise accessed.  

Dr. Amed Abouesh, CEO & Medical Director

Therapeutic Solutions (Chico, CA)

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