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How can I help?

Marketing when you need it

Many small businesses and non-profits have outgrown the way they've always handled their marketing.  You're not alone in wishing you could afford a full time marketing expert to guide you, but realizing that you're not quite there yet.  That's were I can help.  Lending you my know how for just the right portion of time to get things done, I can maximize your efforts and minimize your budget.   By tackling just 1 small project a month, every month, I can begin to help prioritize and connect single projects together so they help you achieve your larger goals.

Of course, there's always that one project you need help with.  You know that one To Do that has to be done, well, yesterday.  I have good news.  That's okay too.  I'm happy to help in a way that best works for you.

Ongoing Partnership

You need the experience of a trusted marketing expert, but a full time staff member is not right for you.  I can provide just the right level of support for your business needs.  

I offer portions of my time to businesses that value relationships and need either short term help to fill a gap or long term ongoing guidance.  If you’re looking for a trusted partner who can make recommendations anticipating your next need, I can save you time and money with on-demand services and a dedicated part-time marketing executive. (That's me.)​

One project at a time

If you have an urgent need, a nagging deadline or a project that you just can't get off the ground, that's where I step in, roll up my sleeves, and jump right in.  

No project is too small or too big.  Most importantly, I can get it done and done right, keeping the big picture in mind. 

Marketing Strategy

The smarts behind the saavy.

  • Planning

  • Editorial calendars

  • Customer Analysis

  • Branding

  • Messaging & positioning

  • Process development

Digital Marketing

Build it and they will come.

  • Content creation & mgmt

  • Photography

  • Social Media 

  • Websites

Direct Marketing

Create a customer experience.

  • Print collateral

  • Communications

  • Sales toolkits

  • Virtual/Live/Hybrid Events

  • Fundraising

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